Mountains and clouds burst into Sun
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Beholding and Becoming


The Bible is a treasure trove of insights into how we can not only see who God truly is, but how we should then respond to who He is.  Seeing God’s strength and character in and through the Biblical account of what He has made, His incredible mercy and love towards His creation, and specifically in His Son Jesus, should give us plenty of opportunity and motivation to worship Him.   “Ministry/Missions” exists because “Worship” does not.  Our goal as Christians is to lead people into knowing that recognizing and worshiping the God who created ALL things, and who Is merciful and loving towards His creation and who has even given us His only Son, leads anyone to true peace and happiness.  Recognizing and enjoying His glory (Eph 1:6) lines up perfectly then with my own pursuit of true joy and happiness.  My joy and His glory are not mutually exclusive, in fact I could say it more clearly by saying that God is most gloried in me when I am most satisfied in HIM!

Jonathan Edwards in the 18th century said, “God glorifies Himself towards the creatures in two ways: first by appearing to their understanding,  and two in communicating Himself to their hearts, and in their rejoicing in HIM, the manifestations which He makes of Himself. God is glorified not only in His glory’s being seen, but in its being rejoiced in

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